Support Your Repeaters

All hams are welcome to support the WD6AWP Repeater Group. Repeater usage and donations don’t equate. I have users that don’t donate and donors that never use the repeater. The only perk of making a donation is you get full access to the repeater list with frequencies and P/Ls.

If you'd like to help all you have to do is select one of the options below. I'd rather not ask for money and in the past I didn't. But I'm retired and repeater and web sites costs are about $400/month.

This is a private repeater system. If there is some issue I'll refund your money and ask you to leave. In the 30 plus years of involvement with this system I have never had to do that.

Basic Support
I apprecieate whatever you can afford. Basic level support is $6.25 per month. You will be charged monthly for 12 months and you may resubscribe (or not) at the end of the period. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Repeater Donation
If you prefer you may make a one time donation. Any amount is fine but $75 is the minimum.

Advanced Sponser
If you wish to provide additional level of monthly support may choose one of these options. Thank you for stepping up. Please select the Basic, Bronze, Silver or Gold support level.