New Coverage in the Central Valley

Hi All, good news. The bay area group has put up a new repeater near Sonora, CA on a site called Cedar Ridge. It has coverage from north of Sacramento south to Colinga/Visalia. See the Cedar Ridge coverage map

It’s on the same channel as the bay area machine 440.400+ 127.3 and votes/simulcast with the rest of the 440.400 system. 

Of course WD6AWP repeater members can use this new repeater when they travel into that area. Looking forward to hearing you when you’re up there. Don’t be shy, say hi.
Thanks to Dave WB6WTM and group for the additional capabilities. 

Welcome Sykwarn

Orange County Skywarn has moved their net to the 440 repeater. Nets are held each Tuesday night at 7:30. The repeater will be off link from 7:25 to 8:00 each Tuesday night for the net. Guests are welcome to check in to the net. Please stop by and join me in welcoming Orange County Skywarn. 

Call for Repeater Support

It's almost unheard of for an individual person to support a high-level, wide-coverage repeater. But I've been doing that with only limited financial support ever since cell phones made the autopatch obsolete. Unfortunately that has to stop now that I'm retired. I really need support from all of my repeater users. Some of you have been very helpful with rides to the hill and parts and some very substantial donations. Hopefully those generous contributions will continue. But its not been enough and it's getting worse. You may know that Harry no longer pays for Blueridge and I've had to assume those costs. Even rides to the hill have disappeared in recent months and I had to buy a four wheel drive truck. And I've had some big expenses with repairs and upgrades. 

I've added a PayPal button to the repeater page on this site. I'm only asking that you sign up for a subscription of $5.00 per month. So please click the Repeaters Page and then the PayPal button. Thanks!

Seal Beach Cam New Hours

The Seal Beach cam now has restricted hours. The viewing hours are from 6:40am to 10:30pm every day. When attempting to view outside of those hours the cam will display a can't connect message after logging in.The Sunset Beach cam has no restrictions. 

Welcome .org Users

If you have been using .org to get to my web site you'll notice a change. I've moved everything to this new site as of yesterday evening. Folks that have been using my weather page or the cams page won't see anything new as you've been coming here for a while.Please don't worry about the login at the top of the page. You don't need to login to use the site unless you want to post comments to this blog. In that case please email me for an ID. Cam users will login after you click the camera link just like you were doing on my other site. If you notice anything that is missing please drop me a note. Thanks.Tim, WD6AWP

Cool Closet

I keep my router, pbx, ups and a couple of other electronic items in our coat closet. It gets warm in there so we've been leaving the door open. That being less than ideal, I've been looking for another way to keep the temp down. I installed a bathroom fan in the closet ceiling. It's 50 CFM which about as low of air flow bathroom fan as you can get.  It's very low noise ( < 1 sone ). You can't hear it with the door closed. It draws 19 watts.At that low of power consumption the fan could be left on all the time. But that seems like a waste so I wanted a thermostat. I bought a temperature module, a low voltage relay and a few other miscellaneous parts from Homeless Depot.  Walla! A web based 'phone' closet ventilation system. The on and off temperatures are settable and you can see if the fan is on or off with a web browser . The fan on temperature is currently set to 92℉ and off is set at 85℉. The fan run time varies but 12 minutes off with 2 minutes on seems about average. That is a 17% duty cycle.   

Seal Cam is Down

The Seal Beach web cam is down but we're on it. Should be back up in a few days.



I'm setting up a account for use with the Santiago Peak Temperature Monitor. The account will allow the device to send email when temperature limits are exceeded.

Web Cams Alive

Seal Beach Cam Screen Capture

The Seal and Sunset Beach web cams are here.


Weather Highs and Lows Added

Inspired by todays low temperature (31.7°F) I've added high and low readings for temperature and humidity to my weather page.



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